What is a Startup?

Startups are young, high-growth businesses that deploys technology to solve a social problem and have a high capacity of quality job creation.

What is the difference between SMEs and startups?

SMEs are businesses that are a copy of existing businesses right from target customers, product offered and product pricing among other factors and key to their success is theoretically on how well the entrepreneur is able to execute their business plan. SMEs are recognised in Kenya’s laws and although effectiveness of SME policy is debatable, they are in existence.

startups are institution designed to solve challenges faced by society based on cutting edge innovation and new technology under condition of very high uncertainty.

What is Startup Incubator?

This is a company, partnership, non-governmental organization or limited liability partnership, whose principal object is the support of the creation and development of startups, innovation, and activities related to the transfer technological and research, development and innovation processes, through the offer of dedicated physical spaces and services advice;

What is the process of establishing the startup law?

How can I contribute to the startup bill?

Startup incentives currently proposed in the startup bill

  • subsidised formalisation of startups;
  • the protection of the intellectual property of innovations by startups in Kenya and with international organisations;
  • fiscal and non-fiscal support to startups admitted into incubation programmes;
  • support in the form of research and development activities; and
  • establishment of a credit guarantee scheme for startups

Startup Bill Partners

KEPSA JS Assek Association of countrywide innovation hubs Kenya national innovation agency I4policy