Startup Bill Roadmap

  • Public participation on the Bill by Parliament will be open once the Bill is read a First Time in the Senate.
  • Ordinarily a Committee to which a Bill is committed after First Reading of the Bill carries out public participation within a month and reports back to the respective House.
  • The Bill then goes for Second Reading. This is where debate on the Bill is allowed. The House then votes on the Bill for it to proceed.
  • Once the Bill has passed Second Reading, it now proceeds to Committee Stage. Amendments to the Bill are introduced and voted for during this stage.
  • The Bill then proceeds to Third Reading. The House votes on the Bill.
  • Once a Senate Bill is passed by the Senate at Third Reading, it is referred to the National Assembly.
  • The whole process of First Reading, Second Reading, Committee Stage and Third Reading is followed again in the National Assembly.
  • Once a Senate Bill is passed in the National Assembly, it is referred back to the Senate for concurrence on the changes made to the Bill if any. Once the two Houses concur with Bill as passed by both Houses, the Bill is referred to the President for Assent.
  • The Bill becomes an Act of Parliament after President's Assent.

Startup Bill Partners

KEPSA JS Assek Association of countrywide innovation hubs Kenya national innovation agency I4policy